ergo cogito,
ergo sum"

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Tue Jul 27
Then why the hell is it on Animal Planet?

Then why the hell is it on Animal Planet?

Thu Jan 14


I just took a look back at my posts from long ago and wow. Words cannot convey how I feel so I just will not try to explain. Just throwing it out there; everything is going great.

Fri Jun 6
Where’s Waldo? (plus two others)

Where’s Waldo? (plus two others)

Tue Mar 25

RIP Grandpa

May the man with nine live rest in peace.

Mon Mar 24


Sun Mar 23
Fri Mar 21


Meditation is the best way to live in the present. I have meditated off and on in the past. Recently, I have started up the habit again. When starting out, I felt like it was a waste of time; however, meditation has many benefits.

Meditation is good for the soul. I feel much more healthy spiritually when I meditate frequently. Living in the present just makes life more simple. Simplicity is appreciated in a hectic life. Stress is replaced with serenity. In addition, there are physical health benefits. Blood pressure lowers and breathing slows. Soreness disappears.

All of these benefits are great, but many people give up meditation too quickly. It is something one becomes better at with practice. Meditation is fairly simple. Choose a chair where your thighs will be perpendicular to the ground. Sit on the chair keeping good posture (spine straight, head looking forward). Rest your hands where they are comfortable (e.g. on you knees). Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and clear your mind. Eventually you can just concentrate on breathing, but at first it is easier to concentrate on a mantra. I personally like “right here, right now”.

That’s it. Keep in mind that is only the way I like to do it. You have many options to choose from. Just google it and stick with whatever suits you best. In a short time, your quality of life can improve.

Life is short. Though each day seems to last a decade, a year goes by in a second. What am I supposed to do with all those seconds? Pursue happiness? I do not even know how to do that. I can try to exercise and live longer but why? I will probably lose more time exercising than if I did something else. I can party; that is always fun. Too bad all the happiness is just a facade. Maybe if I have children, they can grow up and do something important or their children will. I can learn. And love. I suppose I should try to help other people too. At least it will have meaning. To Life!

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease. Buddha
the real sonic does not wear shoes 
(can’t be much lazier shopping)

the real sonic does not wear shoes

(can’t be much lazier shopping)

Wed Mar 19
more not cool

more not cool

Mon Jan 21

The Guy's Really Good

  • Peter: "No, I can't do that. She'll get all pissed off. And besides, I think that the guy might actually be able to help. I mean, he did help Anne lose weight."
  • Samir: "Peter, she's anorexic."
  • Peter: "Yeah, I know. The guy's really good."